Ken Scott Comedy

Welcome to Ken Scott Comedy where, "Comedy is a funny thing."

My motto:: If at first you don't succeed, partner with someone that has.

Welcome, welcome indeed.  What you will find here is a mixture of fact, fiction, and I hope a laugh or two.  Coupons are accepted but not encouraged. Feel free to make yourself at home or contact us with any suggestions.  Stay as long as you like.  Oh, and thanks for stopping by.

 Bio:  Ken Scott has worked on Law & Order SVU on NBC, Royal Pains on the USA Network as well as The Discovery Channel.  Before returning to comedy full time Ken Scott spent twenty-five years in management for a fortune 100 company, then one day he snapped and decided comedy was the way to go.  Talk show host Larry King, once called Ken a, "Weirdo."

Ken was born and raised in the mid west and has had the opportunity to travel, and make jokes about the world in general.

Ken is an older guy with a fresh perspective on; marriage, divorce, children, politics, and current events.  There is no subject he can't talk about......or that he won't talk about.

Ken has been described as, "The guy your dad would be if he ever snapped."

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