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It’s All About the Audience:

July 20, 2011

Recently I was talking with a fellow comedian, and he mentioned in passing there are certain shows he does not like to do.  When I asked which shows these were, he said shows with a large number of comics in the crowd.  I was curious as to why that was and he told me because they are more critical, and harder to make laugh.  Although I agree they are a tougher crowd, and I would not want to play for them every night, one of the biggest rushes I know of is to tell a joke that cracks up a comic.  Regardless of who is in the audience there will be nights you throw bricks. Hopefully these nights are few and far between, but it will happen.  There are a lot of reasons for this; your timing is off, you don’t feel well, the comic before you blew them away and now you have huge shoes to fill.  I have written a number of jokes for other comics that killed when they delivered them.  I would sit there and say, “Hey, maybe I should have kept that one.”  But the reality is, I saw a great comic deliver a good joke, and there is no way to tell if I would have been able to match their delivery skills with the same joke.  I have to admit it I have had nights when I could not buy a laugh, I tried.  One night I asked an audience member, “What would it cost me to get you to laugh? Okay… is there a lower dollar amount you might consider?”

My point is, every night try to bring you’re A game, whether there is one person or ten-thousand, and whether they are comics, or average hard working people.  We have to remember it is all about the audience, without regard as to who they are.


The Best Marketing Idea Ever.

June 16, 2011
It seems we have become the captive of the advertising and packaging guru's; which object do we need the least that we can be tricked into buying? Now for me the number one product ever to be placed on the market that, well men anyway, buy from pure peer pressure? That's right; Magnum Condoms.
What a great marketing idea! What man will stroll down the condom isle and with any witnesse...

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