It seems we have become the captive of the advertising and packaging guru's; which object do we need the least that we can be tricked into buying? Now for me the number one product ever to be placed on the market that, well men anyway, buy from pure peer pressure? That's right; Magnum Condoms.
What a great marketing idea! What man will stroll down the condom isle and with any witnesses around not pick up the box of Magnums? Okay, well me for one, but only because of a bad experience with Magnums, yes I will share this sad, sad, tragic tale.
Because of peer pressure I had picked up a box of Magnums and actually took them home. Exactly, that was my question, why? It is great to have readers that follow my train of thought, even if my train of thought is only a Lionel train. Anyway, I get the Magnums home and actually had a need for one of them (you think you're surprised). As you might imagine she was very impressed by the package when I laid it on the night stand, (this to would soon pass). Things became heated, and the time was right I needed the contents of the Magnum wrapper. I got it out and put it on, and know....that's right, she said, "I have never seen a condom just fall off like that."
"Sadly, I have, many, many times." I replied.
While I had it on it kind of resembled the scarf around a WW I pilots neck, yeah, a lot of excess.
As with many experiences in my life it is the traumatic ones that send me a new direction, this was just one of those experiences. Now I charge, (when it is required) down the isle to the area where the condoms are and I proudly pick up my box of, Tom Thumb Condoms. Now before you fret about it, yes I get the Tom Thumb Rough Riders, because it is all about her.
This is why this is my pick for number one marketing idea for all time.